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Perseverance – Healing with Minister Shawn Lawrimore ep.25

Join Minister Shawn Lawrimore of She Royal Ministries in Philadelphia, PA to discuss perseverance.  God will bring whatever your ‘it’ is to pass.  God may be stretching you beyond measure, but the stretch, the tension is necessary.  Don’t resist. God has a plan that requires you to think, move and love differently.  Remain focused, God is working.

Please comment and share your thoughts and reactions.  Drop a scripture, psalm, parable or antidote that rings true for you. Let’s connect!

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Hope Thou in God – Healing w/Evangelist Cheryl Banks-Hayes – Ep 24

Join Minister Shawn Lawrimore of She Royal Ministries in Philadelphia, PA for episode 24.  Shawn welcomed Evangelist Cheryl Banks-Hayes to discuss ‘Hope thou in God’.

Sometimes when we are consumed in the things happening to and around us, we can loose sight of the Lord and his love.  We are human, as individuals we suffer great challenges, living paycheck to paycheck, foreclosure, addictions, illness.  As a global community, we experience political corruption, critical accidents, natural disasters delivered to devices in our palms.

How do we come up against our personal and global challenges?  How do we continue to seek and walk with our merciful God to healing and growth?  Bibically, we are taught and reminded today, hope is the first step.  Not hope so, hope KNOW!

Join Minister Shawn Lawrimore, founder of She Royal Ministries and host of the weekly podcast Bridging the Gap for the monthly session of ‘Straight Talk’.   ‘Straight Talk’ is a real conversation to help you surrender to God and live your best life.  Tickets to upcoming events available here.

Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made us, and we are his; we are his people. – Psalm 100:3