God Will Perfect You – Healing w/Kesha Pruitt & Linda Saunders ep.26

Join Minister Shawn Lawrimore of She Royal Ministries in Philadelphia, PA for this weeks episode of Bridging the Gap Podcast.  Joined by Kesha Pruitt & Linda Saunders, the trio discuss dating, chasing your dreams and living in your purpose.  Kesha Pruitt is the organizer of the upcoming women’s conference, “She Committed” who took her guidance from Psalms 37:5, Commit yourself to the Lord, trust in Him and he will do this;

Linda J. Saunders, author, playwright, mother and so more, shares her tools and outlook on claiming your excellence while staying firmly planted in God.  ‘When you allow God to renew your mind, you will simultaneously become more sensitive to the will of God. Furthermore, you will have to be willing to obey God’s will by making your will subservient to His.  In order to know God’s will, it is essential for you to have a good relationship with Him. People who live close to God know what His will for their lives is.’

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