Prayer for Our Children – Healing w/Minister Lawrimore ep.28

Join Minister Shawn Lawrimore of She Royal Ministries in Philadelphia, PA for this weeks episode of Bridging the Gap Podcast. This week’s episode is a special treat; a word of love, encouragement and guidance delivered passionately to cover our children.  Get a dose of love from the She Royal Ministries Community.

Power and might are in your hand, and at your discretion, people are made great and given strength.   
1Chronicles 29:12

As a Child, I loved Popeye cartoons.  Those spinach-eating scenes, where a can of the green stuff morphed into big biceps, always made me giggle.  Nothing is funny, however, about the health risk of muscle-building steroids.  From liver damage and high blood pressure, to infertility and mood shifts, clear dangers face abusers of such drugs.

So why would anybody use them?

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