Guard Your Heart – Healing with Minister Shawn Lawrimore & Special Guest Evangelist Cheryl Banks Hayes – EP 31

In Episode 31 Minister Shawn Lawrimore reminds you to mind your heart.  As Minister Lawrimore prepared for this episode, she realized that the God has been encouraging me to be mindful in the ways I guard my heart. The heart represents the true you.  We say we love God, but we engage in gossip, deceitfulness, theft, and other evils. These actions flow from our heart.  So how do you guard your heart? How do you face and overcome your challenges? How do you show up as the true definition of you?

With special guest Cheryl Banks Hayes explore the principles to maintain a guarded heart. Minister Lawrimore wrote about Renewal of the Mind and Protecting Your Thoughts, concepts that, along with today’s lesson will build our arsenal to protect the mind, body and soul. Join us tonight to bridge the gap between broken and whole.


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