Angels on Assignment – Healing w/Minister Shawn Lawrimore

Today, Shawn explores the keys to staying battle ready.  We all feel and see the spiritual warfare surrounding us. However, we do not need to succumb or bend to the demonic energy.  Pastor Shawn continues to share the keys to stay rooted in the foundation that God has provided.  Shawn Lawrimore continues to look ahead with encouragement to find your Prayer Language and Exercise your relationship with God.

Angel simply means Messenger and a significant part of spiritual warfare is understanding there are angels that protect us.  Angels have been assigned to minister to us to do God’s will.  When you are practicing the Will of God, angels will help guide your walk.

Remain covered with grace, favor and mercy as we utilize the hedge of protection provided by Our Father.  Let us take authority over demonic situations so we may remain bound and led by wisdom and faith.

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