Mind Control – Healing with Shawn Lawrimore

How do the effects of Mind Control impact you?  How do the demonic spirits invade your mind? If you aren’t sure, tune in tonight.  Pastor Shawn Lawrimore explores the seemingly innocent ways we fall pray to the enemy and provides tools to reject and protect against harm.

To consistently realize and experience the ‘better; God has for you, you must do the work of putting down those things, thoughts, habits, fears, people, situations that are not for you.   Align yourself with God’s unwavering love and guidance to attain and reach the excellence that is yours to claim.

Shawn Lawrimore continues to encourage the importance of Discernment, claiming Dominion, finding your Prayer Language and Exercise your relationship with God.

Remain covered with grace, favor and mercy as we utilize the hedge of protection provided by Our Father.  Let us take authority over demonic situations so we may remain bound and led by wisdom and faith.