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Reflection – Healing with Pastor Shawn Lawrimore – (Replay)

Pastor Shawn Lawrimore continues to explore the health and wealth of our hearts.  Often we find ourselves in curious and duplicate situations.  What does that tell us?  It’s time to reflect and reconnect with God’s message for you.   Check out this week’s devotional message, submit prayer requests, register for events and more at She Royal Ministries.

Trials- Healing w/Minister Shawn Lawrimore

  Jesus demonstrated his Love for you and I as he gave of himself to save each of us. As you continue your walk at the Father’s feet, take moments to check-in and ensure you are demonstrating your faith. To consistently realize and experience the ‘better; God has for you, you must do the work of … Continue reading Trials- Healing w/Minister Shawn Lawrimore