Take it to the Lord in Prayer w/Prophetess Minister Adrienne Phillips (S2 Ep5)

Prophetess Minister Adrienne Phillips, Founder of In His Hands Women’s Ministry coming to us by way of New Beginnings Community Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA joins us for the latest episode of Bridging the Gap Podcast with Minister Shawn Lawrimore.  Spirit not Aligned with the Word of God?  Gossipy?  Short with Friends and Family?  Jumping to Conclusions?  Procrastinating?

Stop.  Then take it to the Lord in Prayer.  Prayer is one of the most powerful tools that God has given us.  We use it to connect to the power, wisdom and purpose blessed upon us from God.  So when you find yourself out of spiritual alignment, seeking guidance or needing to reconnect, pray.



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Intro Clip – ‘What A Friend’ by Chandler Moore

Outro Clip – ‘Talk’ by Khalid featuring Disclosure