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Transition- Healing w/Pastor Lawson & Minister Lawrimore

Pastor Shawn Lawrimore continues to share the keys to stay rooted in the foundation that God has provided with special guest Pastor Yvonne Shelly Lawson of Kingdom Builders Deliverance Ministries.  Pastor Lawson delivers powerful words to remain flat footed and firm, discussing ‘Transition’.

God grants a peace and assurance during times of transition, or crossing over.  Sometimes we find ourselves afraid to move, stagnant in normalcy. Remember, Abraham was charged by God to move.  Abraham didn’t move in the ways he was directed by God.  His failure to identify and claim the peace that God prepared, he found his way with less static.  Remember, we have been prepared for the crossing.

Enjoy this word of encouragement so that you can continue to walk of faith, grace and practice alongside God.


This episode was recorded live at Applebee’s on Rt 611.

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